Is Your Website Generous Enough?


The website is one of the biggest levers a business has, but many businesses and organizations aren’t utilizing it the right away. The problem: 98% of your visitors (prospects) will never return if you’re website is like the average website.

Let’s talk mindset first: your website is a big piece of your marketing. Marketing is all about getting a conversation going. Most products and services have been talking to us and educating us in some way for a long time. What do I mean by this?

Let’s take an example like cars. To get specific, let’s choose the Toyota Prius, a popular car here in the Bay Area. Over the years, we’ve been exposed to a lot of information on the Toyota Prius through advertisements, car media reviews, billboards, visiting the dealership, what people are saying about it while you’re in line at Starbucks, and the experience your Aunt in California had when she owned one. And sure, you might also go to the Toyota Prius website and read up.

But here’s the catch – you, as a business manager probably don’t have the brand awareness or marketing budget of Toyota, which is one of the world’s biggest companies. Your product probably doesn’t have something like 1 out of 20 cars being driven on the road like Toyota does, which a built-in marketing because you see them all over the road.


Should you give up?

No! Just use your website effectively and do the same thing Toyota does just more efficiently. Have a conversation with your target customer. Once you get your target customer to your site, you need to start a relationship with them. You need to find a way to stay touch (because you aren’t everywhere like Toyota).

The good news is your prospect likely needs some help; so all you need to do is this:
Offer your target prospect something extremely valuable they can’t resist for free in return for their contact information. This is called a Lead Magnet and it’s a great way to start a relationship with your potential customer.

In the world of direct marketing (which is how little guys like you and me win in business), you need a Lead Magnet. It’s a funny name, but what it basically means is that you develop something free that your target market finds very helpful and you give it away to them in exchange for their email address. This accomplishes a few things:

  1. Helps your target customer
  2. Elevates your target prospect’s impression of you, and
  3. It enables you to start communicating with your target prospect as a welcome guest in their inbox
  4. While you’re adding value to your prospect’s life, you can educate those prospects on your service or product.

If you’re a business – this is where you want to be! You’ve gotten your ideal target customer in communication with you and you look great in their eyes because you’ve helped them out! Now you can work toward turning them into a customer, but remember to always be generous and helpful – don’t just try to sell. It’s ultimately their needs that will turn them into a paying customer.

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